Looking to register your business as a Safe Place but want a bit more information about what’s required?

The bullet points below outline some basic requirements you must meet:

  • You must be open to the public and have appropriate (live) public liability insurance
  • You must be accessible for people with disabilities
  • You must be staffed by at least 2 people at any one time
  • You will never close your premises when someone has attended asking for help (even if you know them)

As a minimum you agree to:

  • Provide a safe and supportive environment
  • Contact the appropriate emergency services immediately if the vulnerable person has been a victim of crime or needs medical assistance
  • Contact one of the people named on the back of the Safe Places Card if necessary
  • Allow the person to speak to the named person, if desired
  • Allow the person to wait on the premises until the named person (or police/ambulance) arrives or until they feel safe to leave
  • Contact your Safe Places scheme operator, or an Experience Guildford Town Ranger, if the person does not have their card and there is no immediate danger/risk
  • Keep your staff familiarised with the scheme so that they know what to do if a vulnerable person requires support
  • Display the Safe Places poster in your premises so that it is easily visible to anyone using the Safe Places Scheme
  • Notify the scheme operator If you wish to withdraw from the scheme

We do also ask that you make your scheme coordinators aware at the earliest possible opportunity if you have provided a Safe Place to a member of the public to help us monitor usage of the scheme.

We intend to record the number of times registered businesses are called upon as Safe Places and if appropriate and with permission, we may publicise effective practices and incidents where the scheme has contributed to the safety of the community.

Email olivia@experienceguildford.com to request a registration form.

Once you have completed and returned your registration form, we will add you to Guildford’s scheme page on the national Safe Places website.

We will also drop in a pack of materials including:

  • window sticker
  • staff badges
  • staff room poster
  • poster for public areas
  • communication guide
  • a list of useful contact numbers

We will keep all Safe Place businesses up to date with any training that is organised that may be beneficial.

If you have any questions or concerns about the scheme or need any additional support, please contact either of the scheme co-ordinators listed below:

Liv Kelly, Experience Guildford: olivia@experienceguildford.com
Helen Barnsley, Guildford Borough Council: helen.barnsley@guildford.gov.uk