The Executive agreed to invest in a detailed business case into building a new facility to replace Guildford Spectrum at their meeting on 19 March. Guildford Spectrum is a popular venue used by local residents, sports clubs and regional visitors – with around 1.7 million visits each year.

However, the building has had issues since first built and changing times and customer demands means the site needs to be assessed to establish between two options for the future – whether to build a new replacement facility or refurbish the current site.

The Executive discussed the options presented to them, agreeing that a new build is the more effective option with potentially less disruption – as the current site will remain open while a new one is built – as well as providing the opportunity to meet the changing needs of the public and sports groups alike.

Cllr Iseult Roche, Lead Councillor for Community Health, Wellbeing & Project Aspire, said: “Guildford Spectrum makes a significant contribution to our community and continues to be a popular choice for residents in Guildford – with many sports clubs and groups regularly using the site. The project to replace this venue is aimed at building on its success and will take a number of years to deliver.

“We can now move onto the next stage where a detailed business case will be developed as well as consultation process which will include an opportunity for the whole community to give their views to develop a new, technologically advanced, exciting venue that our community can be proud of.”