You will soon be able to have your say on the next part of our Local Plan – the Local Plan: Development Management Policies which will be used by planning officers to determine planning applications. A seven-week consultation will begin in early June allowing you the chance to share your views. Once adopted it will, together with the recently adopted Local Plan: Strategy and Sites (LPSS), fully supersede the policies that still remain from the existing Local Plan 2003.

Cllr Jan Harwood, Lead Councillor for Climate Change says: “We want to ensure that development in our borough meets the highest standards of sustainable design and contributes towards our commitment to addressing the climate change emergency. These Development Management Policies address a range of issues including those related to sustainable design, construction and energy to ensure we have the highest quality housing and other development in Guildford and our surrounding villages. Please do get involved and share your views when the consultation opens next month – look out for more details on our website towards the end of the month.”

The Regulation 18 consultation includes issues and options and goes on to suggest a ‘preferred option’ for each policy. It is the first opportunity to comment on the new Local Plan. All comments received will be considered as part of preparing the Regulation 19 Proposed Submission Local Plan. There will be further opportunities to comment as part of the Regulation 19 consultation.

The decision is subject to approval by the Executive on 26 May of updates to the Council’s adopted Statement of Community Involvement and the Local Development Scheme timetable.