Inspired by the beauty of nature, the Botanique Collection is a new range of premium gift sets by Le Creuset. It features a palette of verdant and captivating hues including Fig, Nectar, Deep Teal, and Artichaut. The Botanique Collection’s colourful hues will transform any kitchen into a tropical sanctuary.

Each enchanting set is presented in premium colour boxes, ideal for giving as a gift. All products are oven, grill, microwave and dishwasher safe and come with a 10 Year Guarantee for ultimate reassurance.

The high-quality exterior enamel protects against marks and scratches and the glazed interior is resistant to staining and flavour / odour absorption.

Botanique Collection Set of 4 Mugs

The Le Creuset Botanique Collection Set of 4 350ml Mugs is ideal for everyday use or for giving as a thoughtful gift. A 350ml Mug is the perfect everyday mug, whether for coffee, tea, or even single servings of soup and dessert. Each mug is made from heat-retaining stoneware that keeps contents warmer for longer.

Botanique Collection Set of 4 Cappuccino Mugs
The Botanique Collection Set of 4 Cappuccino Mugs is the perfect way to enjoy a frothy cappuccino. Each mug features a 200ml capacity and is made from heat-retaining stoneware that keeps coffee warmer for longer.

Botanique Collection Set of 4 Espresso Mugs

At 100ml capacity, these petite stoneware mugs are just the right size for a smooth espresso, or even a rich individual dessert.  Each mug is made from heat-retaining stoneware that keeps contents warmer for longer.

Botanique Collection Set of 4 Dip Bowls

The Le Creuset Botanique Collection Dip Bowls are a delightful way to present smaller individual servings. Alternatively, use the 180ml capacity bowls to hold dips, sauces or other condiments.

Botanique Collection Set of 4 16cm Cereal Bowls

Made from durable stoneware, Le Creuset’s Botanique Collection Cereal Bowls are ideal for serving muesli, porridge or cereals at breakfast time.

Botanique Collection Set of 4 17cm Small Plates
Perfectly sized for starters, these 17 cm stoneware plates are also suitable for desserts and small sides.

 Botanique Collection Set of 4 10cm Petite Casseroles

Ideal for serving starters and individually portioned desserts, the Le Creuset Stoneware Petite Casseroles can also be used to store spices and condiments.

Botanique Collection Set of 4 Spoons

The perfect partner for the Le Creuset Cappuccino Mugs, these 14cm stoneware spoons fit neatly on a saucer, and they are also useful for other kitchen tasks such as serving condiments and spices.

Botanique Collection Set of 4 100ml Mini Ramekins

With a 100ml capacity, these mini ramekins are ideal for dips, sauces and nibbles. Each ramekin is crafted from premium quality and highly durable stoneware.

Botanique Collection Set of 4 Egg Cups

The Le Creuset Botanique Egg Cups will ensure a bright and colourful start to the day when serving eggs for breakfast or brunch.


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Get inspired with these Botanically – themed recipe’s: 

Spring Greens Dressed in Nettle Oil:

What better recipe to truly celebrate the vibrancy and freshness of nature’s finest ingredients? All the right textures, crunchy salty cheese crisps, soft al dente spinach pasta and silky lemon butter with a pop of sweetness from the peas and broad beans.
For a melt in the mouth, tender beef fillet, look no further. Perfect for the home cook, our carpaccio is a great introduction to no-cook dinners!

Sweet Cardamom Baked Coconut Yoghurt with Ginger Preserve and Sesame Brittle 

This is one of the most delicious and easiest desserts you will ever make; perfect to serve after a fragrant curry or even as part of a long Sunday brunch! It can be enjoyed warm or at room temperature, best eaten on the day.

Forest Berry Mousse

Foraging or picking berries when they are in season is when they are at their prime; they taste better, look better, and keep for longer! But when the season is almost finished, this is the best way to pay one last tribute to them. Also delicious with white chocolate ganache if you would like to be extra decadent.


These are just some of the delicious recipes available to try. To view the full range please click here