Guildford, Surrey – October 2020


  •  20,000 families have visited the site in its first year.
  • Over 2,000 followers on social media are kept up to date with the latest activities and events in Guildford.
  • 400 events, activities or groups have featured on the website since October 2019.


Guildford Rocks is celebrating its first birthday a little differently than planned this October, with a big emphasis on enjoying parks, walks, and online activities, along with detailing lots of the attractions and events that are welcoming visitors in this ever-changing climate.

Run by local resident Laura Brayshaw, her motivation to start up a family-focused guide to Guildford was born out of her own experiences as a mother:

When I became a mum, I would spend ages searching the internet for activities or ideas of places to go to with my son. I found that I kept going to the same places over and over again. What I needed was a ‘one stop shop’ for everything in the area.” Laura Brayshaw, Owner, Guildford Rocks

Over the last year the website has become a place for families to find everything going on locally, and at this point would normally be sharing news of Halloween events, fireworks, markets and more. To help families, and to also support local businesses to get back on their feet, Laura has switched the focus to highlight all the fantastic things there are to do outside, plus indoor Covid-friendly activities.

“As a local charitable organisation, we welcomed the support of Guildford Rocks in promoting our online family events. We have shared values through our passion for Guildford and highlighting all of the things it has to offer. It’s great to see them reaching their first anniversary, and we hope they continue to be a successful partner for us in the future.” Matt Pinches, Co-Founder & Producer, Guildford Shakespeare Company

Guildford Rocks has been designed to be super easy to use, with ‘today’ and ‘tomorrow’ buttons so families can find a wide range of things to do locally, at the touch of a button. And with activities aimed at all age groups, it’s not just mums that can benefit from the website; dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles, childminders and nannies can all be inspired.

“As parents of two young boys, we find Guildford Rocks invaluable for activities to keep them amused – I don’t know what we did before! We find it’s always up to date, and we’re still working our way through all the hidden little places in and around Guildford that we hadn’t found before.” Ed & Catherine Nichols

It’s hard to predict what the next year will bring, but Laura is positive and looking forward to continuing to inspire families in Guildford, and to strengthening connections with local organisations who need their support.

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