At its meeting on 16 July the Executive approved funding of £3.4M for a new fleet of refuse and recycling collection vehicles.


Cllr David Goodwin, Lead Councillor for Licensing, Parking, Refuse and Recycling, says: “We need to replace our ageing fleet of vehicles with ones that are more economical and environmentally friendly. The new fleet of vehicles with a split collection system also allows the service to be flexible and respond to the new national waste strategy, changed market conditions and financial pressures.

“Our current collection service will remain unchanged but there will be operational improvements through the increased reliability and improved efficiency of the new vehicles.”

Cllr Goodwin added: “We have explored options for electric or hydrogen fuelled vehicles as part of this process but at this time there are no suitable, tested alternatives on the market.”

We will however be including Infrastructure to support the future purchase of electric and hydrogen fuelled vehicles as part of the new depot being built as part of the Slyfield Area Regeneration Project.