Five former Councillors nominated as Honorary Aldermen

The service of five former Councillors, including two former Mayors of Guildford, has been recognised with their nomination as Honorary Aldermen.

Mayor of Guildford, Cllr Marsha Moseley said: “With a combined service of 120 years, the five nominees have spent much of their lives serving local people, and their efforts to make this borough the best it can be should be celebrated.

“Some of the nominees continue to contribute to the community in various voluntary roles. I look forward to appointing them in December at the Guildhall.”

Vas Kapsalis served as councillor for Shalford 12 years after being elected in 1999. He was Lead Councillor for Communications and Human Resources for eight of those years.

Tony Phillips served as councillor for 36 years. He was first elected to represent Onslow in 1983 and served until 2019. He was the Mayor in 2002, with a theme of body, mind and spirit depicting the Hospital, University and Cathedral. Tony also served as Chairman for five committees including the Planning Committee and Improvement Scrutiny Committee.

Keith Taylor was also elected in 1983 and represented Send for 32 years until 2015. Keith was the borough’s Mayor in 2004. He served as Chairman of the Planning Committee and was Lead Councillor for Community Safety for a year.

Jenny Wicks represented Clandon and Horseley for 24 years, from 1995 until 2019. Jenny served as Lead Councillor for Environment and Planning Policy for nine years, as well as one year as Chairman of Policy Panel (Environment and Transport), and Chairman of the Borough, Economy & Infrastructure EAB for three years.

David Wright was first elected in 2003, representing Tillingbourne for 16 years until 2019. He served as Deputy Leader of the Council and Lead Councillor for Finance and Resources and Lead Councillor for Community Safety. He also served as Chairman of the Licensing Committee for two years.

The borough currently has 10 Honorary Aldermen. To be eligible, individuals must not currently be serving as a councillor, must have served for a total of 12 years as a councillor and have given eminent service during this time. This includes serving as Mayor, Leader of the Council, as Executive councillor, Lead Councillor or as Chairman of a committee.

During the meeting the Council Leader Joss Bigmore requested the Corporate Governance and Standards Committee Task Group to consider reviewing and removing the restriction on speech of Honorary Alderman, who are currently not allowed to speak on behalf of the Council or participate in political debate involving the Council in any way, by a Protocol adopted in 2014.