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Christmas at The White House, Guildford

The White House 8 High St,, Guildford

LET THE WHITE HOUSE IN GUILDFORD MAKE YOUR CHRISTMAS SPECIAL. While social distancing might have stopped Santa from bringing you everything you had hoped for last Christmas, here at The White House, we are pulling out all the stops to help Make your Christmas special in 2021. Whether it’s drinks, dinner or lunch, let us

Wetherspoons – Real Ale Festival

Wetherspoons Wetherspoons, Guildford

Real Ale Festival Wednesday 20 - Sunday 31 October Festival pint £1.99 Featuring... Vegan and vegetarian beers Gluten free beers Award winning brewers from UK and Ireland 16 new beers to Wetherspoons


John Russell, A Georgian Portrait Painter at Work Exhibition at Guildford Museum

Guildford Museum Castle Arch, Guildford

We are welcoming residents back to our museum with a fantastic exhibition dedicated to the stunning work of John Russell (1745-1806). The 'John Russell, A Georgian Portrait Painter at Work' exhibition opens on Wednesday 26 May at 12pm and runs throughout the summer until 9 October 2021. The show introduces John Russell and his working

Tales From Hans Christian Andersen at St Nicolas’ Church

"Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale" A cold autumn evening, the slate grey streets awash with leaves and rain. A young girl, her worldly belongings in a small rucksack, takes refuge in an old church. In her hands she cradles her only friend. Into this solitary world comes a warm-hearted gentleman. Together, and

Being Mr Wickham at The Yvonne Arnaud Theatre

The Yvonne Arnaud Theatre Millbrook, Guildford

Written by Adrian Lukis and Catherine Curzon Directed by Guy Unsworth 'Mr. Wickham is blessed with such happy manners as may ensure his making friends - whether he may be equally capable of retaining them is less certain' Mr Wickham is ready to set the record straight. Adrian Lukis, who starred in the renowned BBC

Our White Skoda Octavia at The Yvonne Arnaud Theatre

The Yvonne Arnaud Theatre Millbrook, Guildford

Our White Skoda Octavia is a heartfelt story of family life told with truth, humour and tabla rhythm. In a small town in the East of England, Amjad decides to take up taxi-driving. His days take on the rhythm of a drum. But when money is tight and Rabia's stifled ambitions hang in the air, cracks

Stephen K Amos at G Live

G Live London Road, Guildford

Everywhere you turn, we are being divided into “us” and “them”. It’s time for an everyman to remind us of all that we have in common. Picking apart the silliness of life with his trademark smile, let Stephen K Amos bring us together with the universal language of laughter.   For more information and to book

Lego Robotics at G Live

G Live London Road, Guildford

With Computer Xplorers West Surrey Age: 7 – 12 Learn how to build and programme Lego and Edison robots with Computer Xplorers West Surrey . Using the latest software, these intelligent, powerful bots can be trained to follow sound and light, send messages and even battle each other. Time: 10am – 4pm   For more information and

The Urban Voodoo Machine at The Boileroom

The Boileroom 13 Stoke Fields, Guildford

"We're not Americana and were definitely not 'retro'," says Angel. "I write songs about living in London right now. Although having a shit time, no money, heartbreak, mental illness, addiction and suppression from the big guy is kinda universal and timeless, I guess?"   ?Yeah-yeah-yeah,? you're thinking, ?but can they cut it live?? Well, there's

Henning Wehn: It” all come out in the wash at G Live

G Live London Road, Guildford

Watch German Comedy Ambassador Henning Wehn give everything a good rinse and witness him wring sense out of the nonsensical. Henning has no agenda, he just happens to be always spot on. It’s a curse.   For more information and to book, please click here     

The Ramonas ( Tribute to The Ramones) at The Back Room of The Star Inn

The Back Room of The Star Inn 2 Quarry Street, Guildford

As the name suggests The Ramonas are the U.K.s premier all female tribute to the iconic New York Punk Rock band Ramones. Touring is never boring and these girls are guaranteed to play a high energy, full throttle shows that'll leave you buzzing for more of that 1976 spirit. These four lovable cretins rarely even

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