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True Legend Tattoo & Laser

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At True Legend we believe in working directly with our clients to get that personal one-to-one experience and to get them the results they want.
Our AW3 Laser Machine is the latest technology in laser for permanent hair removal and super IPL for skin rejuvenation, pigmentation and thread veins. The AW3 Laser Machine has an inbuilt crystal freeze diode laser for super fast hair removal and cooling, to give you pain free treatment by cauterising the follicle at the base preventing further hair growth. The laser works on all skin types and permanently removes grey, blonde, red and dark hair.

Super IPL skin rejuvenation works by boosting the natural collagen in the skin to improve the complexion, tighten pores and smooth out skin texture. Excellent treatment to reverse the signs of ageing.

To remove tattoos we use the ND YAG Q Switch which produces 2 wavelengths, one in the infrared range 1064nm which works on dark tattoo’s and a second 532 wavelength beam which is used on coloured tattoos. They both shatter the ink pigment into small particles which then naturally passes through the body.

Our bespoke tattooing service gives our clients the personal touch that makes them feel they’ve received an original piece of artwork on their body for the rest of their life reminding them of great memories.

Note: Appointment only.

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