At Coffee Culture we’re proud to be leading the way by using fully recyclable take away cups. We teamed up with one of the industry’s leading manufacturers and are now proud to only use “reCup’s”.


The reCup uses a revolutionary interior lining called EarthCoating rather than traditional PE or PLA . This coating is made using a blend of Calcium Carbonate which fragments away from the paperboard into small particles which can be easily separated during the standard recycling process. This means they can be processed alongside standard paper recycling as if there wasn’t even a coating on them.

We’re also proud to support the Greener Guildford initiative and our cups endorse this with the campaign logo.

Finally, we’re now working on the rest of packaging, we’ve moved all of straws to paper, bags and napkins are from recycled paper. With only 2 more products to source, we’ll soon be proud to say that all packaging in store is 100% recyclable.