Links of London’s Brutalist collection is the first collection fully conceived and developed by new creative director Dominic Jones.

His bold debut riffs on the energy, progressive ideals and strong forms of its namesake architectural movement. Quality of craftsmanship and movement are key to each piece – the tactile structures are designed to feel natural on the body, just as Brutalist buildings aimed to foster the creativity of the communities using them.

A strong architectural sensibility runs through the designs. Smooth curves, geometric patterns and articulated elements reflect the urban energy and multi-dimensional impact of Brutalism and convey a confident, forward-looking attitude. Brutalism united form and function and that spirit is felt throughout this handcrafted collection.
From diamond-encrusted drop earrings to smooth, chunky rings, the sculptural quality of each piece results from Jones’ three-dimensional design process: hand illustrations and wax carvings are used to create pieces with depth from all angles.

Brutalism is known for the rough poetry of its signature material – raw concrete – and this collection reflects that through the sparkle of diamonds which bring texture and depth to the clean lines.