Better Lives through Better Business

This exploratory online video series travels around the world to meet the people and businesses creating better lives through better business. As part of the video series GANT details the actions being taken to support their sustainability methods when it comes to water and cotton usage.


Born on the East Coast of the United States in 1949, water has always been a part of GANT’s heritage and today is central to the brands commitment to creating a more sustainable future.


Being part of a water heavy industry GANT believes we need to work together with other frontrunners in order to succeed and leads with a goal to encourage others to take action in order for us to meet the challenges that we all face as an industry together.


GANT’s film in the series beautifully brings to life the story of one of the brands most iconic pieces, the shirt. Looking at the sustainable work that is done to produce it from ‘dirt to shirt’ and how as a brand GANT are working with suppliers such as Shahi Exports in India, who take responsibility and find ways to be more efficient and reduce water consumption by investing in measures such as rainwater harvesting and water treatment.


”We are operating in an industry that rapidly needs to re-think the way we work with sustainability, there is no planet B. Over the past year it’s becoming as important and natural to us to think about how we can improve our sustainability as it is choosing colours and silhouette.” – GANT Creative Director Christopher Bastin


GANT continues to be on a journey and seeks to constantly improve their sustainability methods. As a brand that has such a long heritage with cotton, by 2022 GANT plan to replace all of the conventional cotton that is currently used either with organic cotton, BCI cotton, recycled cotton, transitional cotton, or regenerative cotton. GANT believe doing this isi an investment into a more sustainable future.


”When given the opportunity to work with this specific piece we also wanted to reflect more than our shirt heritage and tie it to another one of our icons, the Rugby Shirt- to merge two icons into one while working at the forefront of sustainability, from dirt to shirt.” – GANT Creative Director Christopher Bastin 


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