Guildford awakens from lockdown with strong visitor numbers

April 12th marked the first major step towards the easing of Covid-19 restrictions on UK high streets, with the re-opening of non-essential shops, gyms, hairdressers and beauty salons, along with outdoor drinking and dining in pubs, restaurants, cafes and bars. An eagerly awaited date for the whole population, and one that spurred Guildford residents and

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Increasing our solar energy generation

  We are helping to tackle climate change by almost tripling the amount of solar energy we generate for use in our buildings.   Installation of new solar panels at our Millmead House offices and Farnham Road car park was completed this week as we continue our commitment to becoming a net-zero carbon borough by 2030.   Strategic Services Director,

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Improving Leapale Road Car Park

Work to widen parking spaces and improve surfaces at Leapale Road multi-storey car park begins next week. To allow us to start this work, the car park will close for up to five weeks from Tuesday 4 May.   Levels 1-4 of the 12-storey car park will reopen between 1 and 8 June once the first

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A Stitch In Time? Sew Yourself Into The Fabric Of Our Borough

Have you benefitted from an act of kindness during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic – or have you helped a friend or neighbour in need? Guildford Museum is inviting all residents to record these memories in pictures and words for the new Guildford’s Quilt community project, whatever your age or sewing ability. We hope to capture your hopes for

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New openings in Guildford

As shoppers return to Guildford we have put together a list of new openings. With a mix of shopping, leisure and lifestyle and eating and drinking you'll be sure to find something new to explore. Please remember to be cautious, calm and kind as you visit the town centre. Should you wish to plan your

Guildford School of Acting celebrates Shakespeare’s birthday with free play screenings for schools

As people around the world commemorate the anniversary of William Shakespeare’s birth and death on 23rd April, Guildford School of Acting (GSA) is making screenings of its recent productions of two of Shakespeare’s plays available to schools, colleges and youth groups. The contemporary setting of this abridged version of Hamlet, which nonetheless uses the original

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Auctions and the Common Misconceptions with Andy Stubbs, Marketing Director at Wellers Auctions

Auctions and the Common Misconceptions with Andy Stubbs, Marketing Director at Wellers Auctions 1: People only sell expensive items or junk at auctions: Generally when people think of an auction, their first thought is what they see on TV. David Dickinson, Bargain Hunt and stuffy events for the over 60’s. This couldn’t be farther than

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‘Work from your local’ attracts pubs and cafes from across the UK

‘Work from your local’ attracts pubs and cafes from across the UK The campaign asking people to work one day a week from their local has had venue registrations pouring in. Started during lockdown 3.0, Work from your local’s community driven campaign asking people to work one day a week from a local pub, cafe

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Symptom-Free Tests Available At Millmead House

Residents, workers and students in Surrey who do not have Coronavirus (Covid-19) symptoms are now able to get a free test at our Millmead House offices in Guildford town centre.   The centre will offer a walk-in lateral flow test from Monday to Friday between 8am and 7.30pm as part of Surrey County Council’s community testing programme. All people over the age of 16 who live,

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Le Creuset launches new Botanique Collection

Inspired by the beauty of nature, the Botanique Collection is a new range of premium gift sets by Le Creuset. It features a palette of verdant and captivating hues including Fig, Nectar, Deep Teal, and Artichaut. The Botanique Collection’s colourful hues will transform any kitchen into a tropical sanctuary. Each enchanting set is presented in

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